A variety of lab testing available using accredited laboratories such as Lifelabs and Rocky Mountain Analytical. Assessing for general function of body and nutrient status for one’s health are not only important to diagnosis of diseases but for the promotion of optimal health. This approach to wellness, “Preventative medicine” is one of naturopathic medicine guiding principles, therefore as result, the following lab tests are available to our current patients:

Food Sensitivity Testing (Igg)

The right foods are the basis for good health. By identifying how your body react to specific foods, you can begin to uncover the impact that food is having on your health. 

Candida Panel

Measuring the body’s response to the level of Candida present in your system and determine how it may be related to your current health symptoms such as chronic yeast infections and digestive complaints.

Inflammation Panel

A blood test that measures a variety of inflammatory markers to determine how the body is healing.

Comprehensive Thyroid Panel

The thyroid gland is a key body system that influences so many aspects of overall health such as mood, sleep and weight management. This test will give you an in-depth look of how your thyroid is functioning.

Men’s Health Panel

Measuring factors related to male health concerns such as a low energy, libido, weight gain and hair loss.

Adrenal Function Test (Cortisol-Stress Test)

A salivary hormone test that can help you determine how your body copes with stress by measuring your levels of cortisol at specific times of the day.

Fatty Acid Profile test

Measuring the presence of omega-3 in your blood and determining if you have adequate levels in your blood to reduce risk for cardiovascular disease

Metabolic Panel

A blood test that measures hormones related to your body’s metabolism and determine if they are a factor for your weight management.

Female Hormone Panel

Measuring hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, dhea, and testosterone and determine how they can be influencing symptoms such as irregular/painful menstrual cycles, mood and libido.

Gut-Well (Digestive Analysis Stool test)

Taking an non-invasive and comprehensive assessment of the terrain of your gastrointestinal tract and determining how they can be related to current digestive health complaints.

Healthy Living Assessment Panel (Regular/Enhanced)

A comprehensive blood test that measures factors related to health status of a variety body systems.


Fatigue Panel

Feeling burned out? This blood test measures factors that can be related to your chronic fatigue.

Female Fertility Panel

A blood test that can help determine the status of your reproductive health.