My goal, as a naturopathic doctor, is to help my patients to feel:



Your naturopathic consultation will provide adequate time for you to express your concerns and needs. During your 75 minute initial naturopathic consultation, I will get better understanding of what you are going through so a plan of action can be created to address what you need.




Knowledge is power and as a naturopathic doctor, my role is also to educate the patient so he or she can gain a better understanding of the inner workings of their bodies.



Provide sustainable treatment options so it is manageable for the patient. My goal is to work in tandem with the patient, so the most desirable result can be achieved.




Identifying what the body needs and supplying what the body needs via natural therapies to restore balance. In the case where I can not treat you, I will refer to you the health care provider that best suits your needs.




As a naturopathic doctor, I seek to restore and maintain optimum health in my patients by supporting nature’s innate self-healing processes.