Feeling Exhausted/ Low Energy/Overwhelmed???

Feelings expressed by many people of today who live a fast-paced life and trying to meet the demands of work and family life. As naturopathic doctors, we try to find ways to restore balance to your life by providing what your body needs. To identify what the body needs we look for underlying cause(s) for fatigue which can include stress, nutrient deficiencies, insomnia and medical conditions such as low thyroid function. In the case of stress management supporting the adrenal gland and nervous system are key to providing that balance.  There are tools available to assess your body’s ability to cope with stress such as checking cortisol levels via saliva testing (link to lab testing page) by Rocky Mountain Analytical.  In the case of nutrient deficiencies, we can check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies by running comprehensive blood work and physical assessment.  No matter of the circumstance creating the fatigue, naturopathic medicine can offer natural options to address your concern.